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Parks and recreation

Learning how to grow flowers and edibles in hot and mainly dry Cottonwood.

* Compost
* Drip Irrigation
* Selecting plant varietys that are drought and heat tolerant.

I'm sure you know we're still in a drought even if it's raining at the moment. Our home was built in the seventies. I just replaced both toilets with modern, low water models. We went from 3 gallons to less than 1.5 per flush. (they were less than $200 each, and this layman/handyman replaced them in a few hours.)

Fire resistant plant list

Save work and save water xeriscaping.

UC Davis Irrigation guide

Rosemary, we have several, they attract hummingbirds and bees, and need very little watering.Food
Learning to eat healthier.
Low fat for the waistline
Low salt for the heart.
Sweets for the soul, all things in moderation.

Protecting yourself from the tons of salt in most prepared foods is a pain. You need to read a lot of labels. Look for "No salt added" beans, tomatoes, etc and prepare your own meals.

I like to bake yeast bread. I can easily use half the salt the recipes call for and the bread is great. (yeast actually rises better with less salt.)

Tiny greenhouse, only 64 square feet, but works well for me.

Three 55 gallon barrels of water absorb heat during the day and give it back at night.

When the outside temp fell to 24 it stayed above 38 with no other heat.

Ten feet of 1/2 inch welded wire made this one yard compost bin.

I just haywire it together so I can easily take it apart later for turning.

I still have a lot to learn about compost. I have learned that there is really no wrong way to make compost. I know that shreading oak leaves and mixing them with grass clippings works well. A well blended pile gets to 150, killing weed seeds.

Artichoke in a half barrel.
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