Hours of operation

Monday 11 to 5 ... Tuesday 11 to 5 ... Wednesday 11 to 6 ... Saturday 10 to 2
The library is located at 3427 Main Street in Cottonwood.

Telephone 347-4818


I'm Glenn Hale and I've been providing this website because I have always had a soft spot for libraries, that and my admiration of the library's first benefactor, Dr Reifert.

I have retired and don't stay as well connected as I once was. I've decided to let this website expire soon. Farewell and I hope we served our purpose.

Look for Cottonwoodlibrary on facefook.

If you would like to help support the library contributions can be mailed to...

Cottonwood Community Library
P.O. Box 1807
Cottonwood, CA 96022

A Community Library can be a big asset to our town. A place for the young and old.

Our library is not government funded, it is a gift from our people , to our people.


He arrived in Cottonwood in 1962 and departed in 2009. In that span of time he became a fixture in our community and a part of our lives. He delivered our children, administered to our needs, made house calls and was available even in the middle of the night. He was active in the community. He had ideals and lived by them. He loved to read.

Hundreds came to his memorial service on a rainy February 5th to honor his memory. After all those years as a small town doctor, he left another legacy to everyone in Cottonwood: The Cottonwood Community Library. He gave this to all of us to enjoy and take care of. We have to remember this and honor his memory by supporting this wonderful asset in our community and making sure that it is always a part of the future of our children. He entrusted us with this responsibility.

Dr. James Reifert
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